Track day car - occ. street use


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Hello All,

New member, introduced myself in the Newbie section.

Looking for some advice on a mainly track based car for occasional street use.
I'm done alot of reading about the usual 197 problem areas so this is a more specific post.
Based in Settle. N. Yorks.

Looking at the car below, those of you with track experience, what do you think?

Clio 197 Track car


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I don’t know the car, but that seems well sorted.
It is essentially just a jump in and drive


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For the price and spec it seems reasonable!
Echo what @RSRowe has said, jump in and drive!

Getting technical I think the coilovers are more suited to road than hard track work!

But it’s a good base to start from


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I thought the same, looks to have most things sorted and would handle a track day straight out of the box. You might find the Bilstein a bit soft depending on what tyres you plan on running but it's certainly not a bad setup. Gripper diff is a big bonus. Syncros replaced 7k miles ago. RS Tuning are reputable tuners. Nothing there that sets alarm bells ringing.


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Thanks for the replies, unfortunately the wife has got involved, "how many cars do you need?", to which the answer is always one more than you actually have, but she didn't see it that way.
So for now the purchase is off.
So for now just enjoying browsing the forum and learning more.
First world problems....
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