The crunchy 197

There was a rush of Clio sales after Christmas but it seems to of tailed off now. Prices are at a peak I’d say?
Couldn't really be arsed to update this, having been completely outshone by Mr. Mac's proper Ring updates. But nevertheless, I'll keep it relatively short and sweet.

Only a few of us heading over this time. Took my mate up on the offer to take the Clio over on the back of his truck, which also meant my good friend could then get his M3 trailered over. This did mean I had to drive from Stoke to Leicester services........ Jebus I had forgotten how horrific I've made this car drive on the roads!


I was mega worried about us getting pulled in through customs with all the crap going on with carnet's since Brexit (yay), but thankfully it was issue free. The trip over the continent was one of the smoothest and quietest I've ever had. Coming into the Eifel, it was pretty shocking to see the devastation from all the floods they had last year. I guess it'll be a while yet until everything is back to 'normal'

Obviously had to swing by ED for a breakfast of champions.


The day started off as usual, sighting laps. They're always a complete cluster fuck, as no one ever pays any attention during the briefing. The briefing states that no matter where you are on the track, it goes live at 09:00. As you can imagine, everyone on the trackday out at once, there's quite a bit of traffic.
Managed to get a couple of slower paced laps in until there was the first red flag of the day. A very over keen M2 driver had decided not to brake (or turn) at the end of the Dottinger Hohe. Big clean up for the track staff, and around an hour lost for the rest of us.
The track opened back up, and before I'd even managed to get out, there was yellows from T13 all the way down to Hatzenbach. Celebrity in a Mk3 RS must of pressed drift mode and exceeded his skill levels.


Had some cracking laps with Iain and finally managed to keep my foot in it for the jump at PF1. Prior to this trip, I'd always let off/braked, but the car felt planted and really grippy. Unfortunately, I'm still chasing for that elusive car flying through the air pic, so this poorly timed one will have to do for now.

View attachment 633CB846-03B4-4754-AD0D-D1513732A121.jpeg



Did however manage to get an epic shot coming out of the Karusell on 2 wheels.


To be honest, prior to this trip, I had kind of lost the love for the car. I really wanted something new to mess with, but the car was epic over there, so now all I wanna do is just spend more money on it so I can get that BTG time down. More on this soon.....
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Also forgot to add to this. I tried the day without my 20mm spacers...... Can't say I noticed much of a difference tbh.
I've got a Donington evening session next week, so will try and switch half way though to see if I can feel anything different there.
Ring photos look class. I'm over there myself Thursday - Monday next week. Gearbox started doing weird S*** last night so hopefully it holds on long enough for a couple of laps...
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Also forgot to add to this. I tried the day without my 20mm spacers...... Can't say I noticed much of a difference tbh.
I've got a Donington evening session next week, so will try and switch half way though to see if I can feel anything different there.

You there on Wednesday? I’ll be there too. Mate in the Meglio me in the daily :think:
Anyhow. As most of you have probably seen, I’ve still had the car for sale.

@R20BTG gave me some wise words of wisdom - mostly things which sounded like something my dad would say…. So now it’s staying and I’m putting the cage in it.

The cage is a bit of a story in itself. It was up in Newcastle, which meant a trip up to there one weekend.
Having got back home and unpackaged it all, the entire fitting kit was missing. The guy I’d bought it off blamed everyone but himself.
After some messages, he finally agreed to send me half the cost of a fitting kit (£70) from SW…… obviously that never happened.

Fast forward to 19th June. I tried getting in touch with SW. No reply… I understand, people are busy.
Another 8 days pass and someone there finally replies to a message I’d sent (having got no response on the phone)

Item paid for on that day, only for me to then have to wait 6 weeks and 2 days for the bits to arrive.

Should of just bought new in the first place! Wank

Anyhow. Cage will be going in soon, and I’ve a Pure AC delete kit which I need to fit ready for Croft in September

I think it's the right decision, track days are about fun with mates not outright speed. Replacing the Clio would effectively mean finding new mates because all the Track Baguettes would disown you.
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Nice to hear you’re keeping Clio for a while longer wee man. Doubt I’ll be at Croft but hopefully catch u soon
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