Shuv's Racing Blue 200...................


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So. First afternoon of ownership.

Spotted what looked like a 'nice one'.......130 miles away from me in Sytner Lexus in Milton Keynes. Went over, had a test drive and eventually sorted a deal (Sales guy really didnt wanna budge !). He said they had previously had it up for £8995 and had just dropped it to £8500. I ended up getting for £8300 which i thought was ok for this colour, a car in generally great condition, full service history, 2 owners, 32'000 miles and a 6 month comprehensive warranty with breakdown cover.

I knocked the price down mainly due to the fact i noticed - either someone has had a go at doing something funky with Blue/White/Red wrap on the top of the rear diffuser in trying to create a French Flag (Or its covering scratches etc), and oddly: one tread-free tyre amongst 3 others that are nearly new (?)

Drive home was thankfully uneventful and i'll get the tyre issue sorted pronto. Hopefully (Fingers crossed) the tape on the diffuser is just that and isn't covering anything up - requiring removal and paint-work. But that luck never happens to me..........

Anyone who's ever known me from other bike / car forums will tell you i'm completely anal about my vehicles and more than a bit of a detailing freak. Bank Hol weekend coming, i've got a whole array of cupboards full of "product" the first thing for me is a really good top-to-toe clay-bar, polish, wax / cleaning session inside, outside and everywhere in between..............Of epic proportions !!!

But for now - as she stands:


*****Current specs 20/04/2019

2010 Clio RS-200: Renault Racing Blue.
Mileage - circa 41k


Toyo-Sports Stainless 4-2-1 manifold
Scorpion Resonated stainless system (1 x Cat removed)
Ram-Air panel filter in standard airbox
Acoustic Valve removed / Modified Acoustic Valve inlet / Cold air feed into air-box
Engine dynamics Remap (199.8bhp / 158.4lb-ft)
Yellow Silicone vacuum Hose and Aluminum one-way valve
Various VT Customs dress-up bolts etc and some Yellow colour-coding
Streamline Carbon - "RENAULT sport" inlet manifold badge
Custom-made Carbon Fibre radiator reservoir-bottle cover
Custom-made Stainless steel Alarm plunger bracket
Aluminium MAP Sensor-holder Bracket with Custom-made Carbon cover
Powerflex (Yellow series) mounts

*Fuchs Titan Fully Synthetic engine oil, Bosch oil filter, NGK plugs

**Cambelt, Aux Belt, Dephaser, Tensioner, Water-pump, Camshaft seals etc changed with Renault parts October 2016


Stock Renault 6 speed; close ratio
Powerflex (Yellow series) mount
Redline MTL 75W/80 oil


Continental ContiSport-5 XL (215/45-17) tyres
Powder-coated Gloss Black / lacquered 'Speedlines'. Ceramic coated with KKD R-Evolve
Black Renault centre-caps
Black wheel-nut covers
Meyle uprated / stainless-steel heavy duty drop-links
Meyle Uprated / stainless-steel heavy duty anti rotation links
Camber / Toe / Caster set-up on Hunter Hawk-Eye
Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs (15mm drop front / 20mm drop rear)
5mm Hubcentric spacers - Front
10mm Pure Motorsport stub-axle extenders - Rear


Standard Brembo 4-piston calipers front / Standard rears
Brembo High-Carbon 312mm vented front discs
Brembo rear discs
Ferodo DS2500 front brake pads
Mintex 1144 rear brake pads
Megane returns spring on rear calipers
MOTUL RBF600 Fluid
Hubs painted with Hammerite smooth


Gloss Black "Classic" rear spoiler
Gloss Black door rubbing strips
Carbon-fibre Black Renault badges front and rear
Satin Black Carbon Fibre 'B'-pillar decals
Black Renault flag decals on rear quarter's
Stubby Aerial
"CLIO" badge removed on boot
White sidelight / indicator bulbs
Xenon number-plate bulbs
Uprated headlamp / side-light bulbs
Bosch wipers all-round
Brightwork Ceramic coated with CarPro C-Quartz 3.0


Custom-trimmed Recaro CS seats in Anthracite Leather; with Silver stitching.
30/40/50mm 'Josh Wheeler' drivers side seat-lowering frame
Custom Leather steering-wheel by 'Royal' ; with Orange centre-band and stitching
Leather gear-gaiter with Orange stitching
Tailored floor mats with Orange trim
Custom Spinal Studios dash fascia (White RPM sweep, raised RPM limit + no KM/H)
Custom dash-decals with Orange highlights
RENAULT Sport "RS" Aluminium gear-knob
Xenon Bulbs: Courtesy lights front and rear, door-cards, boot and number-plate
JVC CS-DR520 speakers front
JVC CS-J520 speakers rear
12mm Sound-proofing under carpet in boot
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One of the best colours for these Clios for sure! Looking forward to seeing some more pics haha. The flag on the rear diffuser doesn't look too bad actually, definitely something different. Got any long terms plans for the car mate?


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One of the best colours for these Clios for sure! Looking forward to seeing some more pics haha. The flag on the rear diffuser doesn't look too bad actually, definitely something different. Got any long terms plans for the car mate?

Cheers buddy.

Thankfully all the "efforts" the previous owner went to in creating a French Flag on the diffuser came off with a hairdryer to warm up the old "stickers"...........and some WD40 cleaned off the residue. More importantly it wasn't hiding any scratches / damage underneath !! No paintwork needed there then......:smile:

Future plans ? Do you know i'm really not sure. Havn't had time to think / plan yet. I'm a serial-modder and i'm sure this will head the same way...........but i don't have any specific plans as yet. Bit more reading up here might help me decide that !

All i can tell you is my wife bought me a £100-odd Autoglym comprehensive wheels, body and interior kit for Xmas; so i plan clay, polish, wax and clean the thing to within an inch of its life this coming Bank Hol, and take stock of how it sits as it is first before i move on.....Cant wait TBH. I'm a clean freak :wink:

Talking of which. My best mate has just got this and popped around yesterday. Do yer reckon if i rub and polish the Clio hard enough it will turn into one of these ?



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Be sure to put up a lot of pics once it's detailed! I'm sure you can already tell that I like pictures :smiley: That GTR is one nice motor for sure. I bet it goes like stink too!


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Be sure to put up a lot of pics once it's detailed! I'm sure you can already tell that I like pictures :smiley: That GTR is one nice motor for sure. I bet it goes like stink too!

I'll get some pics up after the weekends "fettling" :tongueout:roud:

All i've managed so far is:

A couple of hours elbow grease to freshen-up under the hood: (I even polished the paint on the underside of the bonnet.......does that make me a **** ?)


And all traces of the previous owners "Paul Walker" / French Flag sticker fetish have been removed, along with the RenaultSport badge i took a dislike to:


I've also ordered some RenaultSport mats, a panel filter, a bee-sting aerial, some front seat covers and the car is booked in Wednesday for 2 new tyres (So i have 4 "near-new") and a brake service. [Yes ive ordered new Brembo pins !!!]

****The GTR is "nuts". Its a stage 2/3 and 600 or 650hp i think. My Dad has had some serious metal and i've been in top Porka's, M5's, Ferrari 360's etc.

Some cars feel ok at 50mph, get a little skitty at 100mph and at 150mph need "all the road", or at least all your concentration.........

The R35 is the only car ive ever been in that sounded awful when cold with rattles / creaks. Then felt horrid at 30mph, slightly better at 80mph and in "R" mode completely at home when going 150mph+. Back to front to anything else i've ever been in.
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Stage 1 just about complete. Taken me a little over 20 hours to do outside, inside and under the bonnet.........

Bodywork Clayed with Bilt Hammer Soft.
Polished thoroughly with Autoglym SRP, with some more serious scratch removal.
2 Coats of Dodo-Juice Supernatural Hybrid. (May seal this in with a softer top wax coat if the weather plays ball.......)

Wheels cleaned with Autoglym Clean-Wheels.
Sealed with Autoglym wheel protector.
Once the rain stops i will be treating external black plastics with Auto Finesse Revive, and blacking tyre walls with Autoglym tyre shine.

Interior hoovered, door shuts / boot interior polished, black plastics / dash etc cleaned with Armour-all Matte finish wipes, and glass cleaned with Ultravision advanced.

Shame its so dull and overcast here right now:







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Ram-Air panel filter just arrived and was duly fitted.

Wasn't looking for extra 'performance' as such, but as the supplying garage had only done an oil + filter change; i'm going to replace the air filter, cabin filter and plugs myself. And its having a brake-service Wednesday...........




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Looks fantastic Shuv, very nice :thumbup1:

Thank-you very much Jimmy :thumbup:

Been getting rid of a full tank of fuel in the old car this week (And its sold and being collected today).

So next week is my first of ClioSport ownership as-such..............
Yeah well I live close to mk and was looking for a 200 for about two months lol. They had it up for £8900 originally then dropped to £8500