Renaultsport R27 0465

John Gordon

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Well, I've had a nightmare with my new wheels and tyres.

First issue, they didn't arrive on their delivery date as they were not in stock as stated and had to come from the factory.

I had to cancel a track event because of this.

Then they turned up, well...three of them did.

Two days later the fourth wheel arrived.

This was yesterday. The wheel arrived an hour and 20 mins before the trackday which is 40 mins away.

For some reason the wheels would fit the H&R spacers, but not the front disks. In a last min fit of despair I decoded to run with spacers on the front and no spacers on the rear. This was a dumb idea.

I've worn off the lip of both front arches and sliced the left front tyre about 3mm deep at one point in the tread.

I do think the wheels suit it though, when fitted correctly like the rear.

7.85 kg each too.




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What’s the spec of the wheels and spacers are you running? Correct centre bore / spigot rings correctly installed..

You do look quite low at the front, ant camber on there?

John Gordon

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Yeah, the problem seems to be a lip on the wheel. The 'flange'? On the disks is longer than on the spacers so it fouls on this lip towards the end of the bore in the wheels.

I think I'll take a dremel to the lip and get the wheels rebalanced.

John Gordon

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This is my problem. The recess here is too short in the centre bore. The disk fouls with the lip. The spacers have a shorter flange than the disk.

Decided the best way around it is a set of 5mm spacers rather than introducing the angry end of the dremmel to the wheel.

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John Gordon

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Possibly. I think I'll get away with the 5mm spacers for now, then when the tyres are done I can send the wheels off for a more permanent fix.

I was running 20mm spacers on the front with these wheels on track, so the 5mm should be fine both ways for now.
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I've been really bored recently and so I've ended up buying some goodies.

I'll update you all as they come through, but I think this may be a first....

Because track car, curbs/aero.
Very interested to see how this fits, I have cut the legs off my rad support so unsure if this will secure

Look forward to the results :smile:

John Gordon

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Very interested to see how this fits, I have cut the legs off my rad support so unsure if this will secure

Look forward to the results :smile:
Me too, for such a minimal outlay its potentially got a few benefits. Obviously the protection of the sump, flattening the floor at the front and possible subframe stiffening.

It's mostly just because my car is quite low and I'm finding there's a trend of sausage curbs on tracks these days. Very easy to miss a braking point and have to straddle those curbs. Be a nice bit of peace of mind.
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John Gordon

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Heat soak is real and the clio does not do a great job of allowing a free flow of air from the front and out the back/bottom.

I did some investigation as to how the side vents worked on the wings.

Turns out there is a gap/channel in the inner wing behind the struts and air should flow out of there and into the inner wheel arch area and out the vent.

Airflow does not really reach there efficiently though so it's not hugely effective.

Enter the fan...


I'm going to do some measurements and research on the type of fans to use, but something similar to the above mounted behind the arch liner with a hose through the gap behind the struts and into the engine bay and the "exhaust" side venting out, vent.

I'm going to be hosing fresh air from the front into the bay (possibly from an enlarged fog light vent) to create a flow through into the area where the fans will draw the warm air out.

To be continued.

John Gordon

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Quick update.

I've ordered these...


Which will connect directly into a pipercross viper thingy, which is basically a closed filter. This should lower charge temps a little.

I've gone buckets and harnesses. Could not decide on what cage to go for. So for now I'll keep front civilian and rear business with a harness bar...


And the side exit is really taking shape. This is possibly my favourite mod on the car.

It will stay as is for now, if it fails MOT for no silencers we will chop the middle and vband a silencer in so it can be replaced simples.


Some of the other goodies have started to arrive.


I'm tempted to film a little walk around, vlog type thing on my next trackday. Show you the car and the whys of my choices and then of course some lappage.

Never done it before so I'll see if I have the minerals come trackday.

John Gordon

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I think you’ll struggle. Unless you can convince the noise tester to stand at the back still :tearsofjoy:
Well, I know in Zandvoort the location of the sound measuring is on the inside of final turn. So my exhaust being on the left is good.

But once the cat has a good glow and the exhaust is coked up a bit the pops and bags will get worse.

Can you do a reverse pops and bangs remap? :think:
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