r888r pressures


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Had a quick search but couldn’t find anything...

People who run r888r what pressures are you running


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Definitely a bit more than 30.....

I ruined a set of my mates from folding the sidewall over running them at 30
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Reading their advice, a track Clio (let's say 1100kg ish) would be in the lower range of their 'heavy' category (1000kg - 1400kg). Their advice is then to go for 28-40psi hot.

Cold temperatures are almost irrelevant because you don't know the starting temperature or ambient conditions, so I would always target the hot temperature.

Simplifying it and assuming a linear relationship between the range of weights and pressures that Toyo suggest:

1000kg to 1400kg = 400kg range
28psi to 40psi = 12psi range
Therefore for every 100kg, there is a 3psi difference.
Using that assumption, an 1100kg Clio should be targeting 31psi hot as a baseline, then adjust to suit driving style and handling preference.

Stick a 100kg driver in there (that's generous :laughing:)and a full tank of fuel you're up at 1250kg ish? Therefore using this linear relationship you're looking at approx. 32-33psi?

Any thoughts?


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Seems a safe assumption.
Obviously best to monitor throughout the day.

I can certainly say that 30 psi is way too low for them.
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The more pressure the stiffer the tyre and so the tread heats more. Lower pressure and the sidewalls flex more giving carcase heat. Everything is a variable, 8

Dave W

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I run 28 cold all round on mine with no problem but then I don't put the lateral loads into the tyre for long enough unlike a track day. I run that on the road too with no adverse wear issues. There's no point trying to measure hot as the run is over by then.


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Also ran mine at 28psi cold last month at Cadwell - stripped out track only car. Unfortunately didn't get chance to measure pressures hot (having too much fun).

All I can say is that they performed faultlessly (would say slightly better than my AR1's, definitely better than AD048 & RSR's I've used before) throughout the day, even and not excessive wear.


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I had 28 front and 30 rear cold for sprints

Last day out was my first time with the diff and gazgolds, now that I can go round corners quicker I noticed it was just starting to wear the top of the sidewall, so maybe a bit higher is needed