Proud of my new back exhaust system

Changed to a 2.5” stainless steel system with sport cat but wanted it to be as quiet as a reasonably possible. Chose for single pipe through two of the biggest dampers we could fit.
The engine is reacting very well to this exhaust, it drives smooth to max power and a little better at low rpm. The sound is deep but not too loud with a modest ‘shout’ at high rpm.

The middle damper is a 750mm long 100mm diameter powersprint resonator.

Next step is to remove the drone sound while cruising.

Thinking to replace the middle damper for two oval dampers as big as possible hoping to make it even more ‘quiet’ and removing the drone.

By the way, I’m new to this forum and this my Clio RS (onwinter wheels).
Made a video from inside the car but useless because of the exhaust drone unfortunately .

Anyone experience / tips with getting rid of an exhaust drone? Will a couple of big middle dampers help?

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I think they’re pretty cool as winter wheels. 17” Espace wheels powder coated in black and a clear coated finish. Hub protection caps from a Kangoo and there you go .

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Thanks! Splitter on the front is the same color. Didn’t realize this color was special, have seen some blue Clio’s here in The Netherlands with same color diffusers.

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