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Discussion in 'Photo Of The Month' started by Cliosport-carl, Feb 4, 2019.

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    With the voting thread for January just opened thought we might as well dive into the new POTM so we can all get cracking as its a short month wouldn't want to make the opportunity any shorter.. as mentioned in the POTM Yearly plan this month is a themed month which is **Night Time** this will test our creativity as pictures in the dark are kinda well.. dark.

    Rules apply as normal

    1. This is a Clio forum - and a [preferably your] Clio needs to be somewhere in the shot.
    2. You may enter more than one photo to show your skills! However only the first one submitted counts.
    3. Older photos are allowed, with it being a themed month.

    Please submit your chosen photo into the thread below. Entries are allowed and will be accepted up until 28th February 2019, with voting following shortly after.

    Good luck to everyone and thank you for supporting POTM!
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