Peugeot 106 Rallye, Indigo Blue.

I thought I would pop a progress blog up for this as it's undergoing quite a rebuild,

Here we go.

Bought the car just over a year ago spec was pretty standard, did a few little bits while I had it on the road.
- Lowered 50mm
- Pugsport
- bilstein dampers
- bucket seat and harness
- standard 8v engine
- omp wrc wheel


Drove the car like that for a while, although I knew there was some rust hiding like every Rallye.

Couple of months ago I decided to bite the bullet and strip the car down to a bare shell and sort all the rust, new suspension and fresh built engine is the plan.

Started with the strip down -

Then bolted it onto the spit -

Then started on removing the underseal as fixing the rust -

Complete new inner wing fitted-



As you can see I have a fair amount of work to crack on with, only derusted one side of the front end so far.
Will pop another post up later of the suspension setup I have almost finished for it! More photos!

C&c welcome.
Thanks for the comments, I appreciate anything said about the car (well only good things)

Couple more current photos of how the car stands now -


Also got some genuine stickers in the post the other day, these are becoming harder to get hold of and more expensive so I thought I would get some while I could -


Right onto the suspension, the spec that is decided is as follows -
• Pts tarmac spec front dampers
• 'black cap' bilstein tarmac spec rear dampers
• Pts 23mm torsion bars
• rebuild rear beam with imaxles new beam tube pins
• 300lbs front springs
• coilover converted struts with my own custom spring pans
• standard top mounts for now, but this will change for some sort of solid bearing topmount
• diesel spec wishbones and front arb
• powerflex middle wishbone mount and spherical bearing rear mounts (one of two sets made)
•'tommy' rose jointed steering arms
• satchell lower brace

Pictures of some of this but more to come -






These are with the first design of spring pan for the larger springs I was going to use, these will be made smaller to suit the 2.5" spring I'm using, also the struts have been nickel coated to protect the coilover threads from rust, well try to anyway. Bottoms will be painted black to be less 'in your face'


Again comments welcome!
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Niiiiiiice, love this shape Rallye :smile:

What's the plan for the engine then ?
Plans for the engine are undecided, I'm trying to concentrate on the shell at the moment and get that sorted.

Few things I do know are I want to keep the 1.6 8v engine for a little bit of originality:oops: and it will be itb'd no doubt.
I realised on the weekend how lazy I was being with this build! I have sold a few bits, changed my mind many times but finally I'm heading in the right direction!
Hopefully I will have a few trick parts turning up in the next couple of months.

Put a deposit down on my safety devices cage that will be here start of feb hopfully.

Anyway some photos of the small amount of work I have been getting on with

Tided up this repair a little more, still a little more tidying to make it perfect -

Went and got some steel and started making a repair patch, then drilled, plug welded, and butted it in. Ran out of flappy discs so need to tidy this up another day!

Then did a little more chopping and welding with this panel -

Front end is getting there now, hopefully have the front end wrapped up by the end of jan!

I also got this welded on, which I'm chuffed to bits with -


C&c welcome


looks well...what is the max engine output??if im not mistaken u r the guy we had a good chat in Wales last year..
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looks well...what is the max engine output??if im not mistaken u r the guy we had a good chat in Wales last year..
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Thanks mate!
Full engine spec is undecided as of yet, but somewhere in the region of 180bhp I'm hoping for.

And yes that's me, the **** with the long hair!


haha..i used to have long hair...well 180bhp is great i guess..a lightweight car with such power will fly...
haha..i used to have long hair...well 180bhp is great i guess..a lightweight car with such power will fly...
I say 180, that's the bottomish line figure, a friend has a similar engine to what this will hopfully have and his is 190bhp, and I would like it to be around 800kg so it should go ok!
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Good update Joe! Keep the pics coming please, love a full resto like this. Can't beat a Rallye either.

Have you you sold the 197 now?
I had 147@wheels (171 fly) in my S2 Rallye, went like flipping stink mate! So with 180-190 it'll be mental mate.

What spec is the engine going to be? Be interesting to know if much has changed since I was dabling in the TU5 tuning world!! :smile:
@Gez thanks for the comments! Nice to see the effort being noticed!

no mate I still have the 197, it's got a few little issues that im fixing Saturday when I have access to a ramp, then it's back on the road for another year :smile:

@TB Rich your old one sounds a bit fruity! Basic engine that I have been toying with is as follow, forged Pistons/rods, bottom end rebuild balanced crank. Head rebuild, head work catcams, catcam springs, itb's few other bits and bobs!


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Always notice effort like this, looking forward to seeing the cage being fitted/welded. Assuming you'll be fitting the cage? Confident welder?

Id love to be able to weld.

the cage is a safety decices 12 point bolt in, but the plates need welding in for the feet, but yes I will be doing it!

Confident? Ish, if I was more confident I would be having a full weld in cage but I'm not that confident haha