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Just got an K&N Apollo Kit, Can't seem to work out where the cold air feed pipe needs to go, Say's to cable tie it away from drive shaft and steering rack but there is just no space down there for it to go? Anyone know of where to feed to down to? Or have any pictures at all?

mike harper

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I think standard is a great system, however if the battery wasn't there it would be designed differently.

Easier to work in a bay with no battery and a large easy to remove airbox. This can be removed in 10 seconds revealing plenty of room. View attachment 112818

I'm doing a meg swap now with the same principles in mind.. has to be as easy or easier to work in than standard

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Is this the r3 intake or cup? Sounds phenomenal!

mike harper

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Thanks! Think I’m going down the road of improving the ‘enjoyment’ of the car without altering the fundamentals. So intake exhaust as opposed to coilovers. Will update if I get the maxi
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mike harper

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Put this in for sale thread - but probably better here.

re r3. I’ve relocated my battery with a view of installing the r3.

Having spoken to the vendor I can’t believe it doesn’t come with any mounting plate / fixings to install it, and no instructions.

Seems ridiculous for what is a relatively expensive air box to be so difficult to install

I can’t believe that you would have to fab some mountings just to fit the bloody thing.

Starting to think that for the performance benefit if it’s all worth it

Has anyone found any mountings?


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The thing is, it's designed for competition cars, rather than road cars, so aimed at a different market. When someone built an R3 car, they would have to make up little brackets for various things, so it's pretty normal for that sort of application. Not ideal for those wanting one on a road car, as it makes it more work, but that's the nature of the beast with competition parts unfortunately.