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No: 21
Is in evans Renault at penistone road Sheffield.
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First post registered yesterday after spending a few weeks looking at RS 200's

Put a deposit on No 21 today at Bristol Street Motors Derby :biggrin: :biggrin:

Should be picking it up Friday it will be the Wife's daily drive but looking forward to garbing the keys at every opportunity :wink:
wheres these pics you promised me?? :smile:
I know i know ;/ ;/ weathers been rubbish but did get a few the other weekend after a quick clean...Happy now :smiley:

When i find the time and the weather plays ball will get some with a nice scenic background and without my bike in the way.

the car is very nice, but that bike is :001_tt1:
Thanks, I like my toys :tongueout:roud: The bike was last winters project was a complete basket case when i got it, also have a kitcar with a turbo bike engine, goes without saying really im a complete petrol head :smile:

Dont plan on doing a great deal to the Clio its a great car as it is so just a set of springs to drop it a bit and maybe a set of spacer to fill the arches out but that will have to wait till summer.