I should've read up on the thoughts on the Mtec coating, silver anyway, not sure about the black or gold.. but these are corroding or at least appear to be anyway! It's not wiping off either.. complained to Mtec and have been refunded for it, they offered to send me some out to redo it but I've opted for hammerite.

So managed to do one side as well as one of the calipers so far with some E-tech high temperature paint. I was going to go for a different colour like white or yellow but ultimately I was boring and went for standard cup red! afa0cb32d5c699d1cad67a12af69c5fd.jpg9f00a9a2becc5ab7d11f3058b7771d05.jpgdadb1fc813397d79766ccf9d3bac0a45.jpg121e8178eb465b99bb4e20c27a6baad9.jpg

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Also did this little fix last night as it was very loose, not that I noticed it being affected but we'll see if it drives any differently now.af18fcdde26ce203bacff3b876c7ca0b.jpg

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