New owner Clio 200


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Hi folks,

Been a member for a while but only just taken the leap into ownership after flirting with 172/182 ownership.

Been actively hunting for a tidy 200 for the last 6 months. Having missed out on a few really nice ones so when one came up that looked good at the other side of the country from me I took a leap of faith and went for it unseen. It seems to have paid off but have trawled the forums and seen no evidence of it anywhere on previous owners which is odd since it's had NINE:grimacing: previous owners...

Anyway, the car. Its a 2011 Clio 200 in Storm grey with speedlines, Recaros, Cup spoiler, and Akrapovic exhaust. It looks to have been looked after by KTR for a large chunk of it's life and I contacted them for some info on the car prior to purchase.

The plan is to just enjoy the car as a weekend car and keep it in good condition. First on the list is remove the aftermarket head unit and amp and put it back to standard. Other than that it's small cosmetic changes hopefully!

Anyway nice to finally be part of the forum.



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If you are going to get a standard head unit try getting a second hand one. If you find a brand new unit it will come without firmware on it and it will cost you about £100 plus to get a Renault garage to do the firmware update for you.
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