New Clio 197 owner, trim parts wanted


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Hello all,

appreciate this forum as a resource, I’ve been reading and learning lots over the last few days.

based in north Wales
just bought a blue ‘06 197 and absolutely love it, I’m not gonna lie the acceleration left me wanting a little after driving my Renault 5 GT Turbo, nothing quite like being pinned to your seat when the turbo kicks in..! Anyways… no regrets, I absolutely love the thing, so nice to look at, handles amazing and sounds beautiful.

im a big fan of OE+ But I’m loving it lowered with the tinted rear windows and rear lights, anything I do will be subtle, excited to restore the faded black plastics soon too

annoyingly am missing some interior trim parts!
Been googling and ringing scrap yards to no avail yet,
Renault only sell the whole plastics (cowl?) under the steering column but I’m looking for:

the two plastic bolt covers underneath the steering column


The two plastic covers where the sun visors attach to headliner (mine are cracked)

so I’m making a start slowly, please let me know if you have those parts for sale. Thanks!
Welcome to the site! Love the cars. My mate had an H-reg GT just like that back in 1996, at the time I couldn't get my parents on board with paying for one, or the insurance so I ended up with an XR2 instead!

Anyways - plastic bits on the sunvisors - mine have done the same and it looks like its a common thing. I think you can only get them with the whole visor. See some responses here:
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