Meglio Starter Motor

Hi All

I have a Clio Mk3 197, which has been fitted with a Megan RS250 engine. The starter motor has failed, but it's a bugger to get to on the back side of the engine under a heat shield and the exhaust - I can't even see it clearly net alone remove it.

I know the original Renault part number for the Clio RS starter motor is 8200792969, but I don't know if the gearbox and starter are from the original car or donated from the Megan.

Does anybody know if the Megan gearbox HAS to be used when doing the engine swap? I guess if the two starter motors are the same it makes no difference and I can order the one for the Clio RS.

Many thanks


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You could use the 225 or250 box, 225 box bolts straight on, the 250 needs some cutting of metal to fit, its not worth the bother.Mine used the 225 starter motor.
Thanks for the response. I think I’ve resolved to taking the starter motor out, looking at the part number and ordering one from there.
It means the car will be off the road for a couple of days extra, but I can’t see any other way.
Given it’ll be off the road for the best part of a week, I’ve ordered new Koni yellow shocks and will fit them if they come in time.
Thanks again