Meglio fuel sender

Time to update my fuel pump and going todo the fuel reg at the same time seen as I’m running 350bhp. What and where are people getting the 5bar fuel regs from??
I run the R3T sender with the 5 bar FPR in the bottom which I got from RSport.

I’ve also seen someone use one of these link
I paid £190 plus VAT from RSport for mine. I swapped the level sensor over too, it’s plug and play. The housing needed dremel grinding slightly to fit a Walbro 255. The yellow bung needs properly sealing too.

Was it only the Clio 220 that had the 5bar FBR or did you spec to have a 5bar reg?
I bought the R3T sender as above. It’s from the MK3 rally car (click on the yellow writing). It came with the 5 bar FPR.