Meglio Fan Wiring

I have posted in the Engine and Gearbox forum as well but thought i’d post in here in case anyone who’s done these conversions can help out.

I’ve fitted the Airtec radiator in my Meglio, and originally the fan was just wired on a switch but i’ve found the original fan wiring so was hoping to use that. So checked the power to it and found as soon as the car is started up there’s 12v present?
I’ve then plugged in my snap on scanner and read the coolant temp which is only 12 degrees, but the fan request is active as soon as the engine is started?
Surely this is an input to the ecu somewhere to tell it to put the fans on? Anyone else had this at all? I personally haven’t done the conversion so don’t know what wiring has been done?

Enclosed pictures of the screenshot from the scanner with ignition on and then engine running.


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Does your car run the 197 fan relay?

When i originally wired my car as per diagram found on here it didn't use the fan relay, so ended up re wiring it to put the fans relay back into it as I'd been informed it was required.

So the fan wiring was basically the 197 wiring added into the Meg loom.
Yeah there’s an original relay present, done a wiring check from the fan plug to the relay to trace the wiring but I haven’t traced it any further back yet.
I did read the post at the top of this forum about the conversion and saw that some wires need swapping around on the 197 loom and one of them is for the cooling fan but I wasn’t sure where those plugs are in order for me to try and back trace as to whether anything has been swapped?

But then technically the fan circuit is working correctly has the ecu requests for them to come on and it does, so it’s more of an input to the ecu that’s telling it to put the fans on?
The temp gauge on the dash works ok and my scanner is reading the coolant temp ok so appears the coolant temp switch is working ok and assume there is only the one that is used for the temp gauge and cooling fan?
The only issue I had was the wiring to the fan as both plugs are the same.

There is a guide in the how to section.
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I have had a read in the how to guides about the conversion and wires that need changing on the Megane loom but not sure where those plugs actually are?
Are they inside the car in the passenger footwell where the loom goes inside the car or are they in the engine bay somewhere?
The plugs look similar to these. These are the Meg plugs but the white one and grey plug are the same just different wiring in the white one.
Borrowed pic.
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I checked the plugs in the fuse box however comparing them against the diagrams in the conversion thread to swap wires they look different, plus to be fair there’s only fan feed wires there which wouldn’t influence the request for the fan to be on.
Decided to just put it back on a switch now as can’t see anything :worried: