Matt's track/nurburgring RS250 Clio f1


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It's Looking Good Matt, are the wheels staying silver?

I Love black but sometimes the wheels themselve's can disappear a little if you know what I mean!

I'm in two minds with my superleggera's, satin black or Anthracite, even been thinking of a dark red against the nimbus??


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Here's my mates E46 M3 with NT03s on (and also a LS3 engine in it lol)

I think the colour on those Apex Arc 8 will look perfect, as black will lose all the definition on the spokes, especially the webbed part, then they will look any other wheel, so a good choice.
Takes years off it imo.

Bit of NYE progress

Had a horrid wobble under throttle which I instantly knew would be the inner joint on the drivers driveshaft, I'd noticed some CV grease but had no access to garage until now to sort it but was too late as the joint had dried and shit itself so my fault but a recon from Renault is on the way at cost of £200 vs the £450 brand new.

Also fitted some led bulbs as for some reason the facelift doesn't come with xenons.

When I done the FL conversion I had a new wing painted as I'd worn away the drivers arch and was not paying £50+ for a piece of plastic so instead got entire wing for £50 so managed to get that fitted.

A friend of mine just sold his RS3 and had some nearly new CL RC5 pads that he gave me so I swapped out the DS UNO to keep for track and whacked in the RC5 for road use.

A good nut and bolt check and she will be good to go.

Front end and wing still needs wet sanding and polishing btwdb5b86b014de838116f1e1b48c1b4bf5.jpg400b0430efc73cb36fd9cda037a94a3d.jpg2d693ceddc5231f229df2fbfd0d683e3.jpgca0ce296e8722d470f7ac460adf5a116.jpg4d4d46fd3565dd91dc0e9a567637ec4f.jpgecfbebdf8f461a305539819a67ef035c.jpg

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