Magic Detail | C63 AMG | Hub & Caliper Re-paint

Hey guys,

I have had my back to the wall for weeks now and not had much time for forums!! I send my sincere apologies as I know quite a few of you are starting to follow my work and I have taken a provisional booking from a chap on here who's awaiting delivery of his new car!!

Just thought I'd share this with you as none of you have seen this type of work from me before, even though I have been doing for years! I have noticed, after my influx of Civic's lately, that this is something many of you are probably interested in as most calipers from the Honda's I've had in lately have had some sort of Hammerite hand-painted finish of sorts. Clio's would also benefit from a professional finish, like I offer.

Nothing wrong with the standard finish here on this C63's calipers, customer simply requested he have them refurbed in red to match the "Black Edition". I also recommended he have the hubs re-painted also as they were looking shabby.



Discs removed..


Calipers were cleaned, degreased, and stripped back to form a key for the paint. I only use VHT paint on calipers, to withstand the high temperatures they are subjected too, especially 6-pots! This prevents flaking, peeling etc. Wet sprayed finish, much neater than hand, and retains a factory finish




Finished product;




And it'd be rude not to show you the rest of the car after I'd had a play :wink:





Prices - calipers from £60, hubs £15. Per corner! :jump1:

All the best.
Thanks for the comments guys, I thought you might like this one!

Re: paint - if you want a very specific colour then I usually ask you to provide it, or at least a sample so I can get some made. The problem when being so specific is that there's not such a wide variation of colours in VHT paint. I could do the greatest job in the world, and it may flake/crack/peel if it isn't VHT so that's your choice. If you just said to me "red" then obviously I would choose a red in VHT and supply it :smile:

I had to remove the calipers, but to prevent me having to bleed the entire system I hung them in place with a wire - this was so I could remove the discs (as seen). The pads had to come out aswell, then clean inside and out of the caliper, prep for painting and then paint with them still attached to the car with the whole arch area and wings masked off. Front, back, inside and out was painted :smile: To fully remove them there would be additional cost for having to drain the brake fluid etc.