I desperately need a 197 or an R27

Hi guys,

I've been looking for a couple of weeks now and have the cash ready to buy, but I cant decide what spec i need, and if i should go for the R27 instead of the standard car. I want every extra available but i'm struggling to find one that matches my needs. and is the ride in the R27 really as bad/backside breaking as i've read?




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Welcome to the site. You might have your work cut out finding one with every option. What do you need the most?


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welcome to the site. There was a black 197 with cup pack at the Ford garage just up the road from Kwik Fit in Lincoln when I drove past last week, it was on a stand. I have an R27 with everything on it, looking to sell around late January/early feb.
The ride is not back breaking at all imo. Yes it's firm, but in a nice positive way. If you hit a hole in the road, yes you will feel it, but not once have I thought it was uncomfortable. When you hit a bend at a decent speed and see how flat and controlled it feels, it is all worth it!

Good luck in your search. Xenons with corner lamps are a good choice. It makes the front end seem much more aggressive. Is there a particular colour you're after?


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:welcome: to the site & good luck with finding one :smile:

Ask a stupid question, but have you looked in the for sale section on here? Not sure if there is one that matches your needs though lol!


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That black one you posted the link up to seems a bit pricey to me. It is at a dealer though, so you can expect to pay more just for that.
I want the nimbus, albi or black. not fussed which one though.

I've had a look here in the sales but they dont quite meet the spec i'm after, hope i dont sound a bit needy! ha. i think ive looked at every one thats for sale on the internet, so i'll just have to wait and see if any more come up soon.

I was thinking it was a bit pricey, i've made a cash offer so i'll let him stew on that for a while
Welcome to the site matey. The black r27 does seem a bit steep in price but it is low mileage and if it's the exact spec you're after I'd go for it personally. Afterall as was said, if it's from a dealer the price is always going to be a bit higher.
That doesnt seem that bad a price to me. I bought mine on the same plate, with 21k miles. I paid a little bit more than that, but it had full cup pack (splitter/skirts/spoiler), xenons, folding mirrors etc etc. and full rsh. Your buying piece of mind from a dealer to a certain extent. Much more chance of sorting any niggles out, than buying private imo.

Your right to be picky anyway. Its a lot of money, and you dont want to drive around thinking 'i wish i got xenons/climate' etc!

Good luck with your search!

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