How much my Clio is really worth?

Hi all,

Just as the title says really,
I'm looking to sell my Clio RS but I want to sell it at the right price, hopefully you guys will be able to help me out?

I have some doubts as we buy any car is offering 9000£ and all the other places are similar to this offer
Manheim from autotrader is offering 11000£.

My Clio is a Sirius yellow Lux version 14 plate and it has 21800 miles,only used it at weekends hence the low mileage.

When I didn't use it i kept it on my drive so away from traffic etc and covered so the paint work still perfect and no sign of any scratches same goes for the inside of the car.

MOT is not due until April 2022 same for service and I do have full service history always done by a Renault sport garage.

On Autotrader I can see they selling 3 RS Lux at the moment for around 12-13k but they all got way more miles than mine around 44000 to 59000.

What do you guys think about it?



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I think the Phase 1 cars don't sell as well as the Trophy (Ph1 & Ph2) in a private sale, I see quite a few been offered for long period of time with a couple of price revisions in between.

You do have it in a great colour and very low miles and the right buyer will be out there, it just depends how long you're willing to wait for that bit extra in a private sale in my opinion. People have to remember that buyers tend to like dealer facilities, finance, warranty etc.

I think the prices offered by traders at the moment are excellent tbh as there's not really much new stock arriving - Have you tried motorway ? They are the best for me at the moment with my current car (not an RS).

If you're definitely looking to sell just try a few different ones and find the best price - I've known people use all different places and the process is very simple.

There's a Flame Red lux on similar miles for £13.5k on Autotrader, maybe in the middle of the offers you've got around £10k+.

If you're set on selling now is the time, don't think prices will ever be this good.
Thanks for your reply Matt,

I tried Motorway but they offering 1100£ less than Manheim.

I think I'll wait for the moment as I wanted to sell it and put a deposit down for a the new Mégane RS Trophy but there is nothing I fancy at the moment, looking for a yellow one 2020-2021 plate.