Hazards flashing and running battery flat

I have search this and checked all the usual faults! but not found other many answers.
Its doing my nut in!

2006 CLIO 197

so far its had, new hazard switch but nothing, still does it even with switch not plugged in. There is no flasher relay on these so cant replace that.

disconnected the Alarm, boot switches, card reader, radio, wiper and indicator switches, instrument panel, removed all fuses that I can find, even the hidden ones and it still does it?

after disconnecting the alarm it was ok for a week but no its back and alarm is still not plugged in and fuse is still ok, tried plugging it back in and fuse in then out again but still they flash.

as soon as you start the car they stop but as soon as you stop it they flash until the battery goes flat? If you disconnect the battery they stop?

Im guessing main brain is had it, but any idea where it is? can I reset it myself? I know Peugeot ones can be reset?

Any ideas before I set fire to it!!


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Check you drainage holes under the windscreen. If they're blocked, with the amount of rain we've had over the past week the water could have gotten into the electrics.

I only mention this because I had a similar problem.
Indeed you were correct, lifted the wiper trim and it was full of water. so lifted the carpet on the passenger side and there was an inch of water under there with the multi plug totally corroded! Cleaned and rewired it and its been fine ever since!

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Where is the multi plug?, I have the same issue with the hazard lights coming on when i stop the engine. although there was no water under the scuttle. maybe it could be coming in somewhere else. If i disconnect the battery for 1/2 hr it's fine for a few drives but it reverts to the hazard lights coming on when i turn the engine off. Please help. Thanks
Where is the multi plug?, I have the same issue with the hazard lights coming on when i stop the engine. although there was no water under the scuttle. maybe it could be coming in somewhere else. If i disconnect the battery for 1/2 hr it's fine for a few drives but it reverts to the hazard lights coming on when i turn the engine off. Please help. Thanks
left the carpet in the passenger front footwell and you will see it and also see if there is any water around it
I’m currently having a similar issue, and it’s doing my nut in.

It started around 6 weeks ago, we were out doing the NHS clap and I noticed that the hazards were on. Weird, thought I. Switched them off and thought no more of it.
Went to go to the supermarket next morning, and the car was dead flat. So put it on the trickle charger. Hazards came on about 10 minutes after I locked it. It was then that I noticed that the boot wouldn’t open.

Because of the current situation I decided to leave it flat for a few weeks, and ordered a new switch for the boot.

Fitted the new boot switch and charged the car up hoping that would possibly be problem solved, oh no, hazards on again.

So I’ve now ordered a new hazard switch. Then had a look on here. So the Pan Roof drains are not doing what they should be doing, wet carpet behind drivers seat being the main issue. I’ve got my local garage having a look in the next couple of weeks as this might be the root of the problem. I don’t have a garage at home so I’m not pissin about with taking the interior apart on the drive.

How long a job should this be? At £60 an hour I may just wait until the lockdown is lifted and do it at my parents house as their garage is plenty big enough.

If that doesn’t work then I fear a box of matches and a can of petrol might be the only way to fix it.


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Just do it yourself..... the weathers good enough right now.
You’ll be able to get to the multi plug pretty easily by removing a few bits of trim and just lifting the carpet up
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Sounds like the Power switching unit in the engine bay has corrosion or water damage when you lock the car you will hear the electrics still working or the same problem could be with the UCH inside the car beside the glove box it manages the locking and power switching unit. I'm not sure how easy to disassemble and check the circuit boards for signs of burning or water damage. If you don't need the car at the moment you might be able to remove the units and send them to get tested or repaired it might work out cheaper than paying the hourly rate for them to guess. My thinking could be more towards the internal UCH also known as a BCM (Body Control Module)


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The main thing should be to find why it failed if water then if you have the moon roof check the drains and carpet also another invisible problem can be condensation on the window if parked up for a long time facing the sun water can collect on the inside of the glass run down through the dashboard onto the wires and into the BCM/UCH day after day if the problem is not fixed you will be back to fixing it again in the future. The units are programed and vin numbered to the car with what ever options the car has specialists can fix them and if needed clone your stuff to another unit which can be a big saving than having to buy a new unit and dealer programed. Another thing a specialist can wipe a used unit back to virgin mode and a dealer can program that.
Cheers for the advice chaps.
The hazards even come on with car unlocked and on the charge, which then makes me feel it’s just the switch
It’s due to arrive tomorrow.
What size of Torx driver am I needing? Only got the basics at home here, all my tools are at my parents 10 miles away and we can’t really call it this an essential journey to go and get them.
If I knew the size then I’d get my neighbour to drop one off when he gets home from the garage he works at
Got the glovebox out no problem with the T20 Torx (in case anybody was wondering) 5 screws in total, however before I took it out I noticed that the glovebox light was on with the lid closed. Couple of sticky pads on inside of lid and that's rectified.
Zero evidence of any water ingress around the control unit, although the amount of water pissing out when I parked it downhill on the drive was unbelievable. Carpets are all bone dry. So back thinking it's a faulty hazard switch and the Pan Roof drains being blocked and seeping back into the floor being a separate issue.

Cheers for the help though chaps, much appreciated. I'll report any further findings.
Oh well, needs further investigation. Did the hazard switch yesterday morning, and they’re back on tonight with a drained battery.

I don’t have the tools to get the BCM out of its holder, so will have to admit defeat and stick it in to my local garage. I’ll get them to fix the drainage issue at the same time.

Quickly falling out of love with the little rocket.


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Just to share another similar experience- my 2012 RS200 had an issue with the hazards flashing all the time, unless the battery was disconnected. The car didn’t have an alarm, so it wasn’t that. So we eventually sent the BCM / UCH (whatever it is called!) to BBA Reman and it was fixed and returned within a couple of days and problem solved. Also, a very reasonable price (ie <£100). Very good service from BBA, so thoroughly recommend them.
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