got a clio rs again, but cant find parts Im looking for

Hey guys.

I had a clio 3RS before, 197, and after 8 months of owning it, I sold it and bought a 2011 E class coupe. Amazing car, but didnt offer the same driving experience as the clio. So after 2,5 years, I decided to trade in the Merc for a Clio 3RS.

Now Im looking for parts to make my clio look prettier, but Im really struggling to find some specific parts, and wondering if someone could point me in the right direction?

Im looking for the carbon front grill from streamline. It looks like their site is down and they've merged to another company? Is there anywhere else I could get these open front grills?

Also, what is the difference between the KTR cup spoiler and the cup spoiler from renault?


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Welcome back!

Not sure about Streamline Carbon, just noticed their merger. Their grills were hard to get anyway, they stopped batch production and seemed to not make many more sets in the last 12 months.

The KTR cup spoiler is the same, possibly a good replica. Theres also an Italian replica on eBay, all very similar.


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Styling wise they look the same. The Renault spoiler has the Renault Sport logo embossed on the underside of the spoiler and end plates.