Gearbox issue


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I've been reading other threads on the above and would like some direction from you kind people.

I attended RS day at Spa last weekend where the car behaved superb, albeit two episodes where coming down at high speed from fifth to fourth there was difficulty changing.
Following a long drive home the next morning on starting the car there was resistance to selecting reverse gear, holding down the clutch and re selecting seemed to help engage on repeated attempts.
Since Teusday morning this has been a common theme and changing gears seems more difficult when the gearbox is cold or the car has been in the same gear for a while.

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I'd start with changing the clutch/brake fluid. You may have got it near to boiling point on track. Getting it near to boiling may affect the clutch slave and engaging gear. Then change the gearbox oil for Elf NFP, not the old NFJ it came supplied with from factory.

Not that I have the symptoms you mention, but when I changed the 'box oil on a purely preventative basis the selection and change became super smooth. There's also a thread around that compares the NFP, NFJ and other popular 'box oils like Redline and Fuchs.
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There are a few things you can do to try and improve it:
1. Change the gearbox oil, I've got some of this waiting to go in mine. I believe the box takes just under 2 liters?
2. Check the linkages on the gearbox, maybe have them adjusted, cleaned and greased.
3. Bleed the clutch, might as well have the brakes done at the same time as they share the same fluid.

If all that doesn't help it then it's a case of either living with it and driving it with mechanical sympathy or forking out for a box inspection/rebuild. While the box is off the clutch and slave cylinder might as well be changed too. But your talking mega money for the job lot. Mine can be a but funny going into 3rd gear sometimes so I'm hoping to do the above jobs on mine at some point to try and help it. Good luck!