Fog Lights turning off when indicating right


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MOT is on Monday but have had this problem the past month, when I turn my fog lights on I noticed they were turning the front fogs off by themselves quite randomly until on the roundabout I found indicating right for the second time the forward fog lights would turn off. I could turn them back on again no problem but then narrowed it down to when I indicated right 2 or 3 times they would turn off again.

I opened the left hand switch up as if to clean the contact rollers as per the how to section and put it back in the car to find the forward fogs would not turn on at all, so opened it again and found inside the switch the red linking wires that the end one had broken
The connector pins are like fangs and when the wire is pushed in it cuts through the insulation which must have weakened the wire core and caused the fault as the wire had broken at that point leaving the end still in the contact pin.
use a pin or sewing needle to pick out the broken end and using a very thin micro flat head screwdriver or the back of a Stanley knife blade press the wire back in and give it some slack because it's shorter than the rest of the bundle. Put it back together and fit and the fogs are working again so saved £80 not buying a new switch unit.

The fault was that weird I just had to share the info an external guide a guy made for a modus but the same switch arrangement and has pictures so still useful.
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Well call me a old fool but it was foggy so I was using them and in Northern Ireland you drive your car through the MOT test centre and they ask you to turn them on the whole process takes 10 or 15 minutes you get out at the point where they put the car on the lift. I guess since you live inside the M25 then you may not be aware of fog but it actually exists as some people think of them a posing lights and help you get around a McDonalds drive thru.