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    ESC,ABS, Cruise, brake light fault

    Hi, Currently have an electrical fault. Occasionally my cruise control goes and the spanner comes on the screen with the check esc light? possibly related to that my third brake light is constantly on when my lights are on as well as when pressing the brake the front fog lights turn on?? Ive...
  2. T

    Fog Lights turning off when indicating right

    MOT is on Monday but have had this problem the past month, when I turn my fog lights on I noticed they were turning the front fogs off by themselves quite randomly until on the roundabout I found indicating right for the second time the forward fog lights would turn off. I could turn them back...
  3. J

    Clio 197 2007 Fuel Pump (Car Won't Start)

    Hello, I have a problem with my car which I believe is the fuel pump (diagnostic machine confirmed fuel pressure fault). I am wondering if anyone can help answer the below: How much is this likely to cost inc Parts + Labour Where is the cheapest place to get replacement Fuel Pump? Is this...
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    Central Locking Problem

    My drivers side door won't open when I unlock the car using the Key Fob... I have to climb in through the passengers side to open it. Anyone have any idea what it could be and how to fix? Thanks!
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    Help! Problem with rear fog light

    Hello! I have just taken my car for an MOT and it failed on a rear fog light. Thought this was good news and asked the garage to chuck a new bulb in. I was wrong. When they took the rear cluster out and checked the bulb it was fine?? Does any1 have any ideas what the problem could be??? My...