Flacsi's Racing Red 197


not that far from where i come from..never been..will have to look it up...glad you had a brill time and the car was spot on too..
R3 air box is a joy to hear! I mean honestly we love the sound of the racing cars do we?
And the grid girls as well! So idiot new owners of Formula One - go to hell bring back the noise and the chicks !

41424755285_d336be577c_k.jpgSlovakiaring-MTA-May 2018 by Tamás Flatsker, on Flickr
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working on the video, an Austrian guy with a Mustang was behind me and took some videos, hope to get it soon and will share it!

Until then, enjoy the chicks :smiley:

when you have a pussy in the middle of your front grille and a few others around your little one, than you know you are in a best place :smiley:

40519888250_f1dc357feb_k.jpgSlovakiaring-MTA-May 2018 by Tamás Flatsker, on Flickr

41424756055_fa4d0543a2_k.jpgSlovakiaring-MTA-May 2018 by Tamás Flatsker, on Flickr
Dear All, car is for sale, please let me know if you are interested! Mint condition, 55k km on the clock, accident free, very well maintained, always kept in garage!