February 2010 POTM comp...

Ok, here we go.........
Very evil looking!
Taken with a Sony Ericsson w995.

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Love that picture Adrian, not sure on you wheels. God I wish my car was that clean!
Cheers although my car is no where near as clean as I would have liked it :worried: . They are my winter wheels, getting a nice black coat on them when my originals go back on in a few weeks, should look loads better than the silver !
Well it's been a tough month with this nasty weather, and not having a clean car.
I did have some bigger idea's but just could not pull them off.
This is my entry for Feb.
It's the famous 60 million £ curve building in Leicester.
Took a while to get the shot I was after due to a show being on and lots of cars parking behind me.
But in the end this was a 15 second shot, With a small shutter to get the star effect and then me running up and down the car firing about 20 flash's, I was a ghost in a lot of shots but this one came out well.
I don't have photo shop or any thing on my PC atm so its a clean shot.
Hope you like it.
I did get a lot of people watching which was a bit scary at times.

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Fantastic picture! LY Clio's look fantastic against most back drops but I think they look out of this world after dark!


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Lol with that effort I think I will gracefully bow out! Im going to be struggling with my phone camera for a night shot!

I hate getting looks from people but I just think 'jog on back to your Vectra' lol!

It looks superb mate well done!


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closing date for entries is this sunday at 12 noon.

taking mine saturday night hopefully.
Some cracking pictures this month. I'm so gutted I'm working away and have had no time to get any. I've a great place in mind so I'm going regardless next weekend to get some.