Expensive forged Nimbus Turbo !

It's great to hear that it's all back together and working as intended! What sort of figures are you aiming for once the uprated clutch is fitted? With talk of another possible meet at Surrey rolling road, it looks like you've finished in good time :wink:

is this rolling road meet happening happening i dont want to turn up and noone be there ?
so after alot of thinking about my car and what i want out of a car i almost made the deccision to sell the 297 i favour of a 172/182 track car and ploughing whats left of the money into my mk1 16v clio thats in need of some love but after my most recent track day it performed so well didnt get hot at all and i had so much fun in it theres no way i can part with it but ive realised the reason why i sometimes dislike the car is that its too sensible for me its time to get what i really want a track car so its going to be stripped seats junked buckets fitted and make it alot more track focused watch this space

heres some bits ive been up to on the car recently including painting my brakes cutting holes in the bumper to improve air flow and recocating the header tank again using a clio4 one

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You weren’t joking about holes in the bumper!!
Glad it’s going well. These cars are real heavy as standard. Stripping weight can only help on track


defo..i could feel the weight being my problem last time on track...would be nice to get it under a ton...
i didnt think it was too bad it was absolutley flawless in the rain although ive never driven a stripped one so cant really comment ill strip mine as soon as i get a bucket seat
little bit of maintanence this week it had its mot due so i fitted a new hub bottom ball joint that id been putting off for a while and a new powerflex bottom engine mount insert as its been knocking passed with only one advisory of osr wheel bearing witch ill do next week along with some new pads as i have another track day booked for bedford on the 29th and it kills a set of oe quality pads in a day i know i should upgrade but i go traveling again in april and im tring to save every last penny before i leave i also treated myself to a new sunstrip i think it looks much better and quite subtle





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How have you bolted your tow eye it’s another thing on my list of jobs to sort

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