Dynamique SX 1.2Tce

You don't want mine it needs replacing anyway and has untold amounts of stone chips in it lol. I know they're not cheap!
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Little update, after putting up with the rubbish standard renault stereo for just over a year, I decided enough was enough and went to halfrauds and brought a new one. I present to you...


My new Kenwood KDC-3057UR CD Receiver With USB to give it it's full name. Fitted it in the car park myself in 5 mins ;-)

It now makes use of the Vibe edge door speakers I put in a while back, better bass and much better sound quality.

Now just need to find out how to get my steering wheel stalk controls to work with it (any ideas?) And upgrade the tweeters in the dash, then later on down the line I'll look into adding rear speakers and a subwoofer :-p (I miss having a sub)
Just a little update, bit of a depressing one though. The front splitter on my car mysteriously went missing a few weeks ago, so now I am left with only the normal rubber one and a front bumper that is about a inch further from the floor than the rest of the car :-( guess I need to start hunting down a new replacement splitter now then!

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