Different exhaust tips?

Yeh there is a durable black spray that I have used previously on other cars, just need warm weather to do it so might leave till spring..


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Hey guys! Need some help... i was just checking here for some tips for ma 197.... in i found some of your links... but the posts are old... and sellers on ebay some dont exist... some dont have any tips any more....
as we all know there is much tips on ebay... but... pictures do their own look in the product.... I like the ones from bangbangbenny and deadmau5... they were the perfect size i think.....

anyone have some fresh links of what they put on car? i dont want to order wrong, or too small ones... if i had a seller around the corner... it would be no problem to go replace for other ones... but im from slovenia.. and the postage takes time.. even for sending back or something like that..

if anyone can help me... please post me some links of the similar or the same exhaust trims that benny and deadmau5 have !

Tnx !