Come at me with all you audio questions!

Discussion in 'Interior and Audio' started by Dumdum, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. NickD

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    Thanks Dumdum. Replaced the aerial base today and much better. Didn't notice any particular drop out on the way home.
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  2. Phenom

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    CUP 200
    I might be a little late to this thread but i have two questions i cannot find answers for

    in the thread about keeping the stalk control and sub-display with the APF-D102RE cable, it is mentioned at the end that it works in a 197 with this display:

    does this cable work with a 200 with this style of sub-display?^1500x1000^.jpg

    link to original thread:

    second question, my 200 currently has this head unit in it:

    can one of these head units be swapped in and just work?

    my only aim with both of these questions is just to get bluetooth connectivity in the car but keep it looking as OEM as possible, i would prefer the second way of doing this as i believe those head units have bluetooth, but i don't mind spending the extra notes to go the route of using a alpine as long as it keeps the sub display working
  3. Dumdum

    Dumdum Gold Member

    near mansfield, notts
    Renault Clio RS200 CUP/fiat ducato campervan
    My area of expertise is after market sounds being honest, however the alpine display adaptor is specifically for headunits only with ‘update list’ written on the front, if the 200 display isn’t update list it may well use different protocols and probably wont work, they tend to be very specific to displays and radios they will work with as all displays/cars are different

    As for the second question about the radio swap, again it may or may not work, was the second an option for 200’s or is it out of another car completely like a Laguna or Megane, if it’s an option for 200’s then it should work, although displays may be different and model specific, perhaps try asking (not buying! Just get info... but they don’t know that) your local Renault dealer if there is a unit that will do as you require to fit direct in your car... then find one and get it programmed with clip if it needs the vin put in it

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