Can't remove brake pad


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Just managed to get this pin out after struggling for ages. Got 3 out and the last one was stuck (always the same)

The simple task of sliding the pads out doesnt seem like it's as simple as it should be. One pad came out really easily, the other, well I cant get it to wiggle out.

Any suggestions?

Also for anyone who wants to know, the best way to get the pins out is to cut them in the middle and hit them out in two halves (as suggested on this forum by other members)

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4mm long punch with concave tip and copper grease the entire pin you will get them out again without damage. Allen cap head screw use it to put the pin in so you don't damage the pin or hit the calliper. The pin head will fit in the Allen key cap to help stop it slipping when starting off.
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Use a pry bar gently between disc and pad to slide the piston in just enough to wiggle the pad out.

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