Calling all FI owners


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I live near Peterborough and I’m looking for some one to be a kind hearted soul.

Before I begin the process of conversion I was hoping I could come and meet you somewhere if you live relatively local and wondered if any of you would mind taking me out in your meglio and then allowing me to have a nose around the engine bay so I can get a feel for a. Can I really be bothered to convert or should I just sell and buy a meg 250 cup and secondly get a feel for how much work this actually is.



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Can take you out in mine, I'm not that close though. Im in kidderminster, got to sort out a noisy lifter first though.

If you like turbo cars it won't be an issue converting, I Love mine. It's a relatively easy Job, I took my time over it and I never took the engine out of the meg which I think is a big advantage. Knowing where all the water hoses and vacuum hoses go.


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Thank you Mark
There’s a chap in Walsall that’s offered the same.

Maybe pop over on the m3 over the next couple of weekends if weathers nice.

Obvs happy to take people out in the m if they wanted as well
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