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  • Defo mate, what I loved when I got it remapped was all the particles floating round the dyno cell
    hiya rich hope everything is cool your end, how much for just the back discs and where are u based now?

    To post pics you first need to sign up to photobucket. Once you have done that and logged in you can upload photos. When you've uploaded the pics they will be displayed as a thumbmail on the main screen, role your cursor over the pic you want to post. A little box will appear that says things like Email & IM, Direct Link etc. and a box next to direct link, right click in the small box and click copy. This will copy the link to the pic.

    Then when you want to post it on here type

    it should look something like this but without the 3 stars ;)

    If your still struggling let me know mate

    Rich :)
    watchya rich how do i post pictures? iv not ever needed to before? please could you explain Cheers pal
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