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Discussion in 'New Members' started by Mike, Jan 29, 2011.

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  1. Mike

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    Welcome to! Thank you for signing up. Here are some basic questions answered for you to help you get started:

    Contact/Users Info

    From the forum, click on the user’s avatar. From this you can now see the users public area.

    In here you can find information such as their:

    1. Forum Info
    2. Contact Info
    3. Group Memberships
    4. Additional Information

    If the User has No Avatar you can click on their username and gain the above information as well as:

    1. Send A Private Message
    2. Send email to that user
    3. Find More Posts by that user
    4. Add the user to your buddy list

    Edit your Avatar

    You need to be a Paid, Gold or Platinum member to have an Avatar

    1. Select ‘User CP’
    2. Now in Control Panel under “setting & Options” select ‘Edit Avatar’

    From here you can now select:

    No Avatar
    Enter an Avatar
    Upload an Avatar

    How do I become a Paid/Gold/Platinum member?

    Goto "User CP" on the menu at the top left, then select "Paid Subscriptions"

    Full information can be found about packages here.

    How do I add an image into the Forum?

    You can do this two ways:


    Copy and Paste the URL code (where the picture is hosted on the Internet, photobucket or flickr can be used to store your pwn photos) and simply type [​IMG] at the end of the text.

    Eg [​IMG]

    This will now add the image to the forum.

    The other way is to click the little icon of a paperclip above the main text box, and simply upload your images that way. They will be displayed at the bottom of your final post, and holding the mouse over the images will bring up a full sized image :smile:

    How do I send a Private Message? (PM)

    From the ‘Forum’ click on the member’s username and select the option “ Send a Private Message to” (the member selected)

    This will load a new HTML page. The recipient username will be filled in automatically so you can now type your Private Message followed by the Submit button.

    What do the different colours mean on peoples' Usernames?

    These are different categories of user.

    Blue is for a normal registered member
    Light Green is a Paid Member
    Dark Green in Bold is a Site Trader
    Gold is for a Gold Member
    Silver is for a Platinum Member
    Purple in Bold is an Area Representative
    Black is a Forum Moderator
    Orange in Bold is a Super Moderator
    Red is an Administrator

    What discounts are available for members?

    There is a special section with all the site traders in it here. Some of these traders off attactive discounts to Paid, Gold and Platinum members. Some offer a discount to everyone :smile:

    I want to become a trader?

    PM myself or Jase with your request to be a trader.

    Any further Questions?

    Don't hesitate to contact a Moderator or Admin if there is anything else you want to know.

    To insert a YouTube video into your posts...


    E.G. This video of the Nürburgring Trip 2010:
    With the [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] tags either side of the address becomes:


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  2. Mike

    Mike Gestapo Platinum Member

    Haywards Heath, West Sussex
    Fiesta STripes
  3. jase

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    bump. :wink:

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