Albi Blue RS 200 Intro


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Hey there fellow Albi owner! Looks great.

FYI, the cup cars run DS1.11 pads with HC discs, and they have no issues. Some of us have moved up to the 330mm packages from either Performance Friction, Compbrake, Godspeed, or Reyland, and they are fantastic for the track but overkill for the street. It all depends on what you want to do with the car.

The only other 'BBK' I know of is the Stoptech kit from Pure Motorports, but that is a lot of coin to swap out an already very good braking system.
Hi guys little update, after two track days and a 300 mile round trip driving across some amazing roads in Wales ending up in the elan valley I decided to treat her to some new wheels and tyres (mainly for track days).
Most of the interior has been taken out JP half cage going in next month along with 21mm spacers all round and pure motorsport stud and nut kit.

Has anyone got a ZPO shifter fitted and how do you get on with it compared to stock?