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I just bought a black Gordini, #121 So thought I would register it here.

No stripes, but has cup pack and TomTom.

Going to have a closer look at it at the weekend but I know it needs a belt change soon and once I take a closer look there will be some other bits I’m sure :shuv::shuv::shuv::shuv:


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No but I went to visit it yesterday to spec out the work we are going to do on day 1 which is when I took the picture.

Exhaust flexies which I thought were blowing appear to have been changed already - the blow(s) seem to be coming form the secondary Cat area.
Had the Tom Tom up and working, clutch and gearbox all fine and replacement rear bumper in the correct colour was delivered on Friday.
Need to investigate phone microphone which did not seem to work on the way home

Plan of works
1. Fit new springs (prob Eibach Pro) as the front springs on it are mismatched - one side is a Cup one, the other side something else entirely
2. Secondary Cat delete or change exhaust as there is a blow near the second cat
3. Change front lower arm ball joint (is that the swivel?)
4. Timing belt, and water pump as it is almost due (last done mid May 2015)
5. Dephaser pulley whilst we are in there
6. Torque arm / bottom engine steady new bushes (probably power flex)
7. Rear beam bushes (preventative maintenance)
8. Braided brake hoses (prob 6 - any advice on where from? - I have seen Supreme/HEL with comments on both types)
9. A/C regas
10. Gearbox Oil change
11. Brake and clutch fluid change
12. Spark plugs
13. Inner track rod joint (one side has play - both look same age)
14.Thermostat change (seemed to be running cool all the way home so precuationary)
15. Clear scuttle drains
16. 4 wheel geometry setup
17. Engine oil and filter change
18. Pollen and air filters recently changed but may do those too if I am doing everything on day 1 so I know how the land lies.

I think that is a pretty thorough start but if there are any standard maintenance points I have missed and should address on day 1 please let me know.

Jamie @ JRW Motorsport is literally just about to become a father so it may take longer than expected but it's SORN'd and I am not in a desperate rush to tax and insure it - although I am looking forward to seeing how it goes - my last Clio was a 182 Trophy, and this feels a lot more grown up.


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Can't help feeling like I might be making a large job out of new (to me) car refresh here but this is what I am currently doing!

Tell me if there is something obvious I have missed and let me know if you have a sensibly priced set of 7.5" or 8" Speedlines available (pref not black)

Eibach Pro springs
2 Lower hub swivels
2 New Inner track rods
2 New Outer Track rods
2 Lower arm ball joints
Adjustable Camber Lower arm Polyflex bushes
Adjustable Castor Lower arm Polyflex bushes
2 New anti rotation links
2 New Anti Roll Bar links
Rear beam Polyflex bushes
4 wheel geometry setup

Brembo HC front discs and DS2500 pads
Standard rear discs and DS 2500's
Braided brake hoses (x 6)

Cam belt, water pump and auxiliary belts/pulleys
Dephaser pulley
Upper and Lower Torque arm / bottom engine steady Polyflex bushes
Engine oil and filter
Gearbox Oil
Brake and clutch fluid
Spark plugs
A/C regas
Pollen and air filters
Change the cheap Euro Car Parts exhaust clamp for the OEM clamp
Clear scuttle drains

Hopefully this will help me remember what I did when in a few years time!


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We believe the dampers have been changed in recent times but will inspect them when they come off. If we had thought they needed changing we would have gone with yellow speeds coil overs rather than springs but this is meant to be a road car that could work on track if required.

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