1. Simon2189

    Restoring Clio Cup 200 Finally!

    Recently joined this forum and seems a great place. I though I would post my project for people to see. I’ve owned my Clio Cup 200 for 5 years and due to ill health it has been neglected and I’m on a mission to bring it back to life, and I’ve used the lockdown as a great opportunity to get to...
  2. EthanMenace

    Locking wheel nut help?

    I’m trying to take my wheels off, Has anyone come across these before? The car didn’t come with a locking wheel nut key but It seems to fit a 5mm Allen key, I’ve given it a little tug but I’m cautious that it’ll round off. Not really sure what’s going on here to be honest, sorry if it’s a stupid...
  3. C

    Both wheels have play?

    ello, recently brought a clio, about a week ago it starting squeaking when turning stationary or low speeds also when going about 50+ sometimes the steering would feel lose almost and concerning. I took it to a garage today and there was excessive play in both wheels, wasn’t paying much...
  4. W

    Wheel Choices!

    Currently torn between treating the Clio to either a set of OZ Ultraleggeras or Team Dynamic Pro Race 1.2's... The Ultra's are obviously more expensive, but lighter. However the Pro Race is available in 7x7.5j would mean I could keep the OEM sizing. I really can't decide and have a few questions...
  5. T

    R26 Wheels are they all the same.

    I got a set of R26 wheels for the 197 Clio used, and had done a bit of research and thought they were 18 x 7.5 with an ET of 60. The set I have bought are 18 x 8 ET68 they came with 235/40 18 tyres and I was going to run them on 225/40 18 tyres. I have had them on the car to test for a few days...
  6. M88KE C

    Standard Wheels - Spacers

    Whats the best spacer size wise to go for and where is the best place to purchase for my R27? I assume that I will need different wheels bolts to fit? Thanks for the help Mike:bumpit: