1. harveyl12

    Squeaking/Chirping - Driver Side Wheel - Extremely Annoying

    I am now getting very annoyed at this issue on my Clio RS 200 I’ve been driving for 2-3 months now. 3 weeks ago I did my first long drive and noticed when I had the window down that there was a squeaking/chirping noise coming from my front right driver side wheel. First impression was it will...
  2. alliemam197

    Axle spacers good idea?

    Been thinking of getting spacers for my 197 and I've heard axle spacers are better because they have a lower load bearing on the wheel compared to normal eibach or h&r 10mm spacers. There's a bit more effort in fitting but these are HALF THE PRICE of spacers and yet supposedly are better? Surely...
  3. MarcB

    Wheel Bolts

    Can anyone tell me the correct and exact sizes of the wheel bolts for a 57 plate 197. Needing to know the length, head size, thread pitch and anything else needed. Thanks
  4. J

    Play in Steering Wheel - (Failed MOT)

    Hello, I have slight play in my steering wheel which led to a failed MOT. Does anyone have as to what this could be and how I could go about fixing this? It feels as though something is loose within the steering column or steering wheel. Thanks
  5. JB40k

    Wheel Refurb in Portsmouth / Southampton?

    Morning all, Does anybody have any recommendations for wheel refurbishment places in Hampshire, ideally Portsmouth or Southampton? I've already tried thewheelspecialist(.co.uk), who would have been ideal being all of 4 miles from where I live, but they can't match the Cup anthracite...
  6. R

    197 Cup wheel alignment numbers?

    I need to check the front wheel alignment on my 197 cup. Got the lazer alignment set up but the auto data book has no numbers for toe in/out for the clio 197 cup. it only has numbers for the standard,non rs clio, which it says is 0 toe on the front. Does anyone know what the correct...
  7. Jonny_197

    Wheel colour change and refurb

    I know azure197 has just posted a recent thread on this but I have a glacir 197 with black speedlines...they need a good refurb and so I want a colour change too. I was thinking about keeping them black but having more of a gloss shine finish (a bit like corsa vxr black wheel finish...sorry ha)...