steering wheel

  1. T

    Steering cowl removal?

    is it possible to get rid of the, quite frankly horrendous, steering cooling cowl, but kept the main control stalks (lights, wipers etc?) I’ve stripped my interior and replaced the steering wheel and the giant slab of plastic is now on show. ive no stereo any more soI’m not worried about...
  2. av4625

    Which OMP boss?

    I was wondering if anyone is able to tell me or link me to the steering wheel boss that they put on their 197? Mine is a 06 plate. OMP's website, demon tweeks website and all others say the one that fits clio 197's from 06-08 is part number: OD/1960RE787A So I bought this...
  3. av4625

    Sabelt Wheel Boss

    Has anybody got one of these or know anything about them? Looks a bit like the cup racer one. Does it work for sabelt wheels, are they the same fitment as OMP and sparco?
  4. O

    Steering Wheel Re-trim

    Thought i'd share my two clio steering wheel retrims with you guys. Very conservative leather and stiching choices. Black with Silver Grey stitching, they are so much better than the OEM efforts. The sport wheel is now 6 months old and the other about a week at the time of photo. (No, there is...
  5. Danmar_castle

    Steering wheel

    Saw this steering wheel and other great goodies in side anyone know where the beautiful thing is from assuming Europe somewhere?
  6. J

    Play in Steering Wheel - (Failed MOT)

    Hello, I have slight play in my steering wheel which led to a failed MOT. Does anyone have as to what this could be and how I could go about fixing this? It feels as though something is loose within the steering column or steering wheel. Thanks
  7. M

    steering wheel boss

    sounds like i have a noise like a gentle rattle coming from the steering wheel boss? any ideas of what this could be? any help would be appreciated. thanks chris
  8. JB40k

    Steering wheel off centre, alignment correct?

    Afternoon all, Recently my steering wheel has gone off centre, an inch or so to the right (more at 5 of clock than 6, if that makes sense?), the garage have confirmed that the tracking is spot on and the car does not pull. The search didn't bring anything back... Any ideas on what could have...