1. OLT

    The Driving Motive Clio 200

    Hi all, I have some extra time given the lockdown so thought it was about time to post a progress thread on my Albi Blue Clio 200 with cup pack. "The Driving Motive", which is in the name of the thread, is my YouTube channel where I occasionally post some car content. Anyway, onto the car. I...
  2. M

    Scorpion exhaust tip / trim

    Hi, as I bought a Scorpion backbox for a 200, I will fit it on my 197. In order to do that, I also need some exhaust tips/trims. Here comes someone from you in handy, I would appreciate if a scorpion owner could measure those two dimensions on the given picture! thanks!
  3. E

    Aftermarket Exhaust - Scorpion

    Hi All, No doubt, Exhausts have likely been discussed more times than you you could possibly count; I apologies in advanced. I've got a standard system on mine and looking for the extra noise! Scorpion appear to be pretty well rated and the way to go, according to their official website they...
  4. Mark Attwell

    First Year of Ownership - RB 197 with pics

    Thought i would share with you my (slow)progress over the past year! Hopefully a road trip this year and a track day or two. After owning a 1.2 for nearly 4 years and modifying stupidly like a ‘cool’ 18 year old i matured to a TT for just over a year. After regretting not buying a 197/200...
  5. Ckzzz

    A racing blue love story.

    Afternoon, It is 14:09 on a Tuesday afternoon and after spending the entire day so far reading different progress threads, checking out all of your pictures, getting ideas on modifications etc.. I figured it's time I started a progress thread. Quick boring introduction: My names Cameron...