renault sport

  1. Laurence Abbott

    Looking for genuine Renault Sport 6-Speed gear knob (old logo)

    Hello people, I have just bought a 197 and have become infatuated with the nuances of owning it! Kangarooing when cold, the knocks and noises etc. Anyway, my mission is simple, to make it clean and revitalised! I have already reconditioned the melting steering wheel, changed the window seals...
  2. AUS_Clio_200T_Cup

    All the way from Australia

    G'day forum! New to this forum but am currently using Just thought I would pop in to say hello. Current mods: Centre Resonator delete, ITG Induction Kit, H&R Lowering springs (not installed in photo attached), yellow-tinted LED running lights & de-badged. attached...
  3. Alex Ford

    Swapping up...

    After always wanting a Clio 200, I was 11 when they first came out, I finally got one last year. A good one too, really good one! Kind of felt abit meh about the car though after a few months, the dream car novelty had worn off... The Clio does everything I want in a car, handles, quick, ideal...
  4. Sam Walker

    197 new owner! Nottingham.

    Hello! Had my Clio 197 since march, had to spend a fair bit of money on it to make it road worthy again. Glad I have though, time to enjoy this nice little car!
  5. A

    197: FA08 Glacier White 197 R26R scheme, Land Rover Solihull

    See you in the work car park most days, you've let me out of one of the thousands of spaces a fair few times. Wouldn't know I'm off here as I am usually driving a black VW transporter but I have a BG 182 and a Flame Red 220 Trophy. Jake.
  6. B

    Crankshaft Position System Variation not learned

    Well the problem is obvious but before you tell me to change my sensor it's a brand new one from renault sport is it possible the problem to be because I'm using lightweight flywheel and Helix 7.25 inch clutch kit ?
  7. A

    Arno Samimi - Gallery Renault Sport Spider N°0409

  8. A

    Arno Samimi - Gallery Renault Sport Mégane RS Trophy N°0007

  9. A

    Arno Samimi - Gallery Renault Sport Mégane R.S. Trophy N°0082

  10. A

    Arno Samimi - Gallery Renault Sport Clio V6 Ph1 N°1111

  11. A

    Arno Samimi - Gallery Renault Clio Williams

  12. A

    Hi from Basel / Switzerland

    Although I am already registered here longer, but I never introduced myself properly. Sorry for that. I get so now: My name is Arno come from near Basel and am 40th A very long time I've been working on all Volkswagen Group brands as technician / diagnostician. It was enough for some...
  13. chapperzuk

    LY R27 - LED Street Lights

    I parked my R27 under those new LED street lights they've been installing the other day and snapped a few pictures. :) Here's what I got...
  14. chapperzuk

    Liquid Yellow Clio R27 (197 F1)

    I've always been a Renault Clio owner. When I passed my driving test 6 years ago, my first car was a red Renault Clio 1.2 litre. After a few years I upgraded to a Silver 1.4 litre. When the insurance became affordable, I upgraded to an Arctic Blue 2.0 litre 182. Having owned the 182 for 2 years...
  15. chapperzuk

    New Liquid Yellow 197 F1 Owner

    Hey guys, I've recently upgraded from my Clio 182 in Arctic Blue to this 197 F1 (R27) in Liquid Yellow. I'm over on the CS forums but thought I'd register here and introduce myself and the car. :thumbsup: