Swapping up...

After always wanting a Clio 200, I was 11 when they first came out, I finally got one last year. A good one too, really good one!

Kind of felt abit meh about the car though after a few months, the dream car novelty had worn off...

The Clio does everything I want in a car, handles, quick, ideal for commuting- on paper its perfect.
Still abit underwhelmed however, I always felt the Clio just needed more torque.

While looking around dealerships for a relatives new car I started wandering off and looking myself and the new car itch has returned, spent last friday in two different regions and looking at alot of different cars.

Golf R, MX5, FK2 Type R and an Audi s1- I could go on all week about these cars having looked around them all and driven 1 of them but that's a different story.

Renault Sport is still very appealing, so...

Has anyone else swapped from a Clio to a Megane? is the jump really worth it? Or am I just getting the itch of swapping?
Any input on the Clio Vs Megane debate would be appreciated :laughing::laughing:


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Feelings. Cars / bikes for me are about emotions. And for me bigger isn't always better. It's often just bigger. Or more expensive / faster as appropriate.

I'm a biker too. I've had everything across the board. Most fun bike i've ever had was a V4 Honda 400cc. One: i could actually ring its neck without fear of killing myself / getting spat off / getting banned in 10 minutes flat and two: The noise, sound and sensations it gave me were epic.

One reason perhaps a 197 / 200 Turbo is the solution for many Renault fans...........
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Engine from a Megane... In the body of a Clio, nuff said :thumb:
defo this..you will have everything as you said above Alex..if you spend around 4k you will have a brill car that handles like a dream and also kick some serious ass..

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As @sevenfourate said it should be about gut feeling with a car like Clio 197/200. If you’re not that into it then get rid. If you love the car but ache for more torque/power do a meg conversion.
I for one could never use it as a daily it would drive me mad.
But when Sunday comes round and I open my garage and see that arse looking at me.... I’m a proud Renaultsport owner who is happy to own one. Hope you get that feeling with whatever you choose:thumb:
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Ahhh, the Meg conversion, a conversation I have with myself 39times a day. It's all pro's with a meg conversation no doubt but the downside of that is insurance.
An engine swap is something I'd want covered on my car insurance. Having had modified insurance before its not that much hassle but its mega expensive at 20, maybe about 4k for an engine swap then you add the 2.5k extra for insurance.

I appreciate the input but the Meg swap has to be a no due to said reasons, maybe in 10 years time though:smiley:

The feeling of the Clio is unbeatable as I would guess many agree! Revving out in the last of the N/A engines, nothing compares.
But the grunt of the Megane's( its been a while since I've driven one) is an equal feeling.

It's 50/50 in feeling and other factors. I have just booked a test drive for a Megane however:hushed:
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