1. Nelthewire

    small touches

    So i made a couple of very small mods this weekend.... forum stickers which i think look awesome. And the controversial black diamonds which i think really suit the nimbus paint. oh and i de-clio'd the boot lid.
  2. Jordy197

    New 197 Owner - Leicestershire

    Hi all, Newbie to the 197 and to this forum so please be patient with me! Quick car history ; 2003 Black renault clio 1.2 - First car and owned for about 18 months, no end of problems. 2006 Red fiesta ST - Nice upgrade from the clio, owned for 9 months... no problems just spotted the next...
  3. Z

    Nimbus 197 | KTR Sprint & OZ Ultraleggera added!

    I've already opened a thread under the newbie section, thought it would be more appropriate to continue here :) So, small recap: Bought it with 57k miles on the clock Previous owner painted the interior in white :thumbdown: resprayed it Nimbus Small steering wheel mod...
  4. S

    newbie from bristol

    hi my names scott im 21 and live in bristol recently purchased my 197 last week and looking to further enhance it had a few quickish cars before but this is far more fun pics below of past and present will do progress thread in a moment first car was my glanza v second clio mk2 as glanza blew...
  5. G

    Hillclimb event Knysna, Sout Africa

    This past weekend we had a big hillclimb event at a golf estate in Knysna. The track is basically a 1.9km uphill climb on one of the mountain roads leading up to the golf course itself. Was an awesome event - great turnout with lots of cars: Audi - RS2, R8's; Nissan - GTR's (old and new), 350Z...
  6. G

    Nimbus 197 from Cape Town

    So I figured it was time I finally said hi on the forum and posted some pictures. Been lurking around here for a while (amazing forum btw, extremely informative). I've owned my car for about 8 months now - it's run pretty well apart from the occasional engine mounting issue. Previously owned a...