help me

  1. T

    Identify the part….?!

    Can anyone identify what the hell this is?! It’s black plastic and reaches from the just above the bottom hose connection of the radiator up to just under the coolant expansion tank. It looks like it should have a large hose on the top end, but there’s nothing on mine. It’s held in very loosely...
  2. Jkeillor94

    What brand is this?

    Any help is appreciated here. What brand is this, its not Eibach!
  3. J

    197 purchase!!!

    hi guys, after some advice if possible! Looking at buying an 07 plate 197 this week with 48k on the clock, its fairly strong money. The only issue is its had 5 former keepers....would that put you off? Thanks in advance James
  4. Ckzzz

    F4R or F4RT? What shall I do?

    Basically, I've come across an F4RT engine with Turbo, Injectors, and so on for £700 - The guy has said he'll keep it for me but I'll need to tell him this evening. Pros & Cons please guys and a few Q's Q1 - What else is needed, wiring loom is there but no ECU, I know I need a gearbox and...
  5. ForgedV

    New, Potential Storm Grey Owner

    Morning all, I've only been on the forum for a week or so and toying with the idea of purchasing a rs200 after getting the bug. We had a 197 F1 edition Clio in at work and I took it out just on the off chance but I can now see what the appeal is. This will be my first French Hot Hatch...
  6. V

    Looking for Owners manual 197

    I didnt know were to put this one, so I'm after an owners manuel, if anybody has one or has digi files etc. Your help in this matter would be awesome.