1. Meeteepao

    Cleaning/Polishing Decals on the Clio R27

    Gentlemen, Any suggestions on how to maintain the decals on the Clio R27? I've been browsing through a lot of youtube videos and online forums, the recommendations I found range from using fine compound polish to using a tire/plastic/vinyl protectant (iike STP Son of a Gun?). I'd really like...
  2. W

    Alcantara Cleaner?

    Thought I would treat my RenaultSport steering wheel to a bit of a clean this weekend! - Usually I just use a damp cloth and water, however EuroCar Parts have a deal on Sonax Xtreme Upholstery & Alacantra Cleaner so thought I might give it a try.... Anybody have experience of Sonax on...
  3. JB40k

    Soft paint and pad combinations?

    Morning all, I've been under the impression that the Clios paint is quite soft and having recently picked up a DAS6 wanted to make sure I won't be making a mess with too heavier pads? From new I've 2BM wash, (decontaminated when required) QD'd and waxed regularly so a full correction isn't...
  4. Robo_#1

    Josh Bray Detail/Paint Correction

    The @JoshBray story... So after my (rather long winded) story of cleaning @Fernandez's Cazan Clio, and some gentle (and persistent) name dropping by @smoggy mark (cheers dude). I got a few messages from forum members looking for some detailing work to be done on their car. First up was local...
  5. Morty197

    Morty's Glacier White 197 Diary

    Hey, Here's the start of my thread, It's going to be getting her back up to scratch so detailing, paint etc and then some performance mods later on. Here she is: More to come this weekend. Peace.