Soft paint and pad combinations?


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Morning all,

I've been under the impression that the Clios paint is quite soft and having recently picked up a DAS6 wanted to make sure I won't be making a mess with too heavier pads?

From new I've 2BM wash, (decontaminated when required) QD'd and waxed regularly so a full correction isn't required; I'm after a nice deep wet glossy finish for going into spring and summer this year and am looking to use a glaze (Wolfs Nano) and top with a sealant (Wolfs Hard Body) using the Red and Blue Hexlogic pads.

What do you think? Would this combination play well with our paint?

I'll also post over on Detailing World, and update this thread if (read: when) they throw in a curveball!

Brilliant, cheers Chris! The black pad definitely sounds more suitable; the bulk of advice on DW was top start with as soft a pad as possible and work up to the desired finish - Which will probably be Hex red from the looks of things too.
A detailer on here said the Clio paint was very hard.

Tbh I find it hard to work with as well. [MENTION=51288]detail1[/MENTION]
Well he's not correcting the paint, just applying a glaze and sealant, the pads he's chosen have no cut so it doesn't matter.

I agree though, found it harder to work than my last car.
Racing Blue is hard paint, mine certainly was one of the hardest finishes I've machined in 13 years. That aside different cars can vary slightly. Depending on the finish and level of defect removal required or expectation, I'd recommend using a polish like Meguiars #205 and a finishing pad and progress upwards depending on results, ie, if the finishing pad offers no real improvement go to a polishing pad, if your still not getting the results switch to a polish with more cut and use a polishing pad, thereafter possibly a light cutting pad (green hexlogic). There are so many variables and its best to try a few different approaches. But #205 and #101 or #105 use SMAT abrasives (the abrasives do not diminish) and can be controlled depending on pad pressure, speed, speed of arm movement etc.. If you use a cutting stage, always refine after with a less abrasive polish and pad.