1. I

    RS 200 Cambelt - North West

    Hi All - Does anyone know anywhere in north west to get my cambelt done. Just bought 110k miles last done at 62k
  2. J

    Belts kit

    Hey all, new owner here. Unsure as to whether the belts have been done on my 64,000 mile 197. How much would it cost to have the belts, water pump, dephaser etc done including labour. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  3. Frank Perry

    Cambelt change, where to go? (South West UK)

    Hey all, first post so apologies if it's in the wrong place! Looking to get the full works done with the cambelt replacement, including water pump, dephaser pulley, aux belt etc. I can buy the entire genuine renault kit for around 300, just need to know where's the best place to take it to get...
  4. B

    Cambelt Advice

    Hello I am new to this forum and have just purchased a Clio 197. It has 59k miles and is a 56 plate. Looking at the service history it has been maintained and regular oil changes have been done by renault themselves. The problem is the cambelt was done in 2012 when it had 32k on it and...
  5. 197RS

    Clio 197...what is this exhaust?! Help needed!

    Has anyone got any idea what exhaust this could be? Bought car from Evans Halshaw (that is a story in itself!!) Need some advice regarding lack of power after full service and cam belt/waterpump service. Thanks in advance!
  6. T

    Timing belt/tyre/brakes.

    Morning, Joined the forum yesterday as I want to get my 197 back to looking and running its best. Unfortunately I have limited knowledge which is why I require some help! The timing belt and water pump are due for a change, so I need to ideally find a Renault specialist in Nottingham that'll...