1. S

    Cambelt change now have other issues

    Not sure if anyone would have an idea on this but thought it's worth an ask. I recently had the cambelt, waterpump and dephaser changed on my Clio RS 200. I am now having issues with the revs dropping way too low compared to before when the A/C is on and a strange noise, almost like a belt...
  2. A

    2009 RS 197 Out of Storage Woes!

    Hey all Recently took my 2009 197 out of storage after 3 years and am doing a bit of a fix-up project (120,000km's)! I've noticed the following issues so far and haven't been able to confirm the causes yet (although I have yet to pull everything apart, which I'll do over the Xmas break). 1/...
  3. D

    Air conditioning not switching on

    Hi all My 197 has decided that the aircon isn't going to work. The garage has checked the pressure and all is good, they have replaced the pressure switch since that was an easy(ish) try. They said that there is no power getting to the clutch so as a result, it's not kicking in. All the fuses...
  4. av4625

    Aux Belt Size

    Anyone know the size or part number of the belt I will need if I remove aircon, remove the tensioner pulley, keep the 197 size crank pulley and use the adjustable bar to move the altenator out? Thanks
  5. Barney626

    197 Digital style aircon control vs Dials?

    I'm looking to get a 197 (Coming from a 1.2 dynamique) in the next few days but wondering whether there are any major benefits/disadvantages with the two fan control styles short of just looks?: 'Digital' : Dials: Currently have the dials in my 1.2 (without the AC button obviously) but...