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    Fan fuse gets break

    All you can do is check that the fans spins freely and that there is nothing to jam them like a loom cable or a bolt/plastic that has been dropped into the cowl and that it is fitted securely. You could change the fan relay or the fan resistor on the fan housing.
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    200 air con condenser
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    Fan fuse gets break

    Coolant radiator Fan or the blower fan for inside the car?
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    Clio 3 1.6L Resonator Box

    ITEM 1 is about £28 in the UK new. Find those part numbers used somewhere friendly to you like Germany or Spain I don't know how hot it gets or how much rain falls but with an induction kit it traffic it is sucking hot engine bay air and if there is a lot of flooding dusty roads it will be...
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    Clio 3 1.6L Resonator Box

    UK ITEM 4 is about £85 new
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    Clio 3 1.6L Resonator Box

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    Inside of locking wheel bolt sheered off - aaargh!

    Go to a good alloy wheel place or tyre shop they deal with that every day and will have the kit, most likely something will need welded to the center. Drill the head off to free the wheel then work on what's left.
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    Door Handles (exterior)

    Yea that's the part number for a keyless entry car I think the cup's with a normal key car does not have the push button and you never said.
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    Door Handles (exterior)

    the 197 door handles are the same both sides so I cant see why not there is a thread here about them Door handle Door buttons don't work
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    Grinding/moaning noise when approaching right lock

    A broken coil spring is very hard to spot and is not always noticeable when driving they normally break the first or part of the first coil at the bottom in the shock cup. The lower ball joint we talk about is this. Link to video how bad it can get
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    Clio 3 1.6L Resonator Box

    The modus has the same box as log as the air filter is in place it should be OK but it will be sucking in hot engine bay air it will be there for a purpose so best to get another one as it is used in other engine sizes and models it should be cheap.
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    Coolant hose

    Carl had a problem at Donington the first stage metal pipe rusted a hole though it maybe best to change it as well. Link to article on the hose rubbing fix for lower coolant pipe catching sump I don't know how it works in Aus I expect the cooling system takes a hammering I changed both...
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    My Ultra Red 197

    You have headlight washers so I expect Xenon headlights. And yes its a bumper off job and 4 screws hold the headlights in and there is and 8mm one from the side (silver) underneath the other 3 are obvious 10mm ones (black).